When it comes to understanding and improving your curriculum, the ability to compare and contrast the details of your courses provides many benefits. That’s what the Curriculum Trak Reports area is designed for. Today, we want to highlight another way courses can be compared – the Horizontal Scope & Sequence report.

The Horizontal Scope & Sequence report has been available since the introduction of Curriculum Trak 2.0 back in June. So, many newer schools may already be using this feature. If you have been mapping more long-term, you may not be aware that you have this report option. Instead of viewing your scope and sequences in a vertical format, this horizontal report will list your timeframes horizontally and your units vertically beneath each timeframe.

The horizontal nature of this report allows specifically for comparisons and contrasts to be drawn among courses within a program, within a grade, or within an entire template. For example, you could see how many units are covered in all of your science courses for the first quarter or all third-grade courses in semester 2. This information will provide insights for teachers in their departments or grades. It will also allow administrators or enrollment coordinators to gain helpful insights for students transferring mid-year. We can think of many helpful insights this report may offer. Perhaps you can see how it would benefit you as well.

To begin using this report, some basic setup work will be required.

  1. An account administrator will need to contact support to enable this option for your account.
  2. Your timeframes will need to be clearly defined and locked down within your template.
  3. If your teachers have been defining their timeframes individually, they may have to adapt their maps to fit the specific timeframes desired for your account.

After those steps are completed, you will be able to enjoy the full benefits of the Horizontal Scope & Sequence report.

The video below outlines how the report works. Contact support if you have any questions or concerns.