We are happy to announce an enhancement to our lesson planner aimed at further supporting individual planning styles and needs. The Weekly Planner is an area for teachers to view their scheduled lessons for the week, add notes, or shift their scheduled lessons by one or more days. Teachers could also attach previously created lesson plans from that view as long as they were already saved in the My Lessons Database. Teachers will no longer be required to exit the Weekly Planner and go to the My Lessons Database area to create new lessons. Teachers who desire to create a lesson plan from within the Weekly Planner simply need to click on the plus sign next to any class section to open the established lesson template. The lesson plans created from within the Weekly Planner will automatically become part of the lessons database for future use and will have the full functionality of any other lesson.

This option was created for two basic reasons. First, we wanted to support the teacher who wanted the ability to create lessons in the context of their week and cut out some extra steps. There is always value to allowing a teacher to save time. Second, we wanted a better option for those teachers who only need to record basic lesson details such as a chapter title, exercise numbers or another brief reference to a class activity. Many were using the note function for that purpose which does not support reusing that data or rolling over that information for the next school year. The ability to create lessons from within the weekly planner increases teacher efficiency while adding to their record of lessons for future use. Since content is not required in every field of the template, having the ability to simply add a title and other basic information allows the teacher to put a basic plan in place without having to take several additional steps.

We have more changes planned to further support the variety of needs and planning styles related to lesson planning. So, stay tuned for future announcements. Contact support if you have any questions or concerns about this enhancement. As always, your ideas and feedback about anything that would make Curriculum Trak better is always appreciated.