Many lesson plan users have been asking for a checkbox field option for their lesson plans similar to the checkbox field option currently available in the Unit Planner. We are happy to announce that this option is now available to you if you use the Lesson Planner. We see this field being very useful for teachers wishing to track expected student outcomes, technology use in a lesson, or a variety of other predetermined items. Unlike the Unit Planner checkbox option, the Lesson Planner version allows for the addition of headings to help sort groups of options.

This field is managed at the administrative level. So, to add this field to your account, a user with administrative rights will need to access the “Setup” menu through the “Toolbox.” Once there, click on the Lesson Plan fields button and select add a field. Choose the “checkbox” option. A group of fields will appear allowing an administrator to define the options from which users will be able to select while creating lesson plans.

If you have questions about how to set this field up for your school, please contact support.