Recent updates to Curriculum Trak’s Lesson Planner integration with FACTS SIS allows a school to more clearly define how far into the future your teachers’ lesson plans will sync to the FACTS SIS. This allows schools using FACTS SIS as their instructional communication piece to more effectively manage that communication to parents and students.

For teachers, Curriculum Trak supports and encourages lesson planning for as far into the future as a teacher may want to focus. It also promotes a variety of options to update those lessons to reflect the the realities of daily instruction as they happen. However, those teachers who are also communicating through FACTS SIS been hesitant to plan too far into the future over concerns about miscommunication. What is a parent/student previews lesson details before those lessons have been reviewed and updated by the teacher? The only option for teachers to this point was to turn syncing off completely.

Now, rather than allowing all future lessons syncing with FACTS SIS automatically, school leaders can set the number of days into the future lessons will sync with FACT SIS. This new setting, by default, is set to our recommended seven days. Lessons scheduled beyond that will not get pushed out to FACTS SIS until they are within that range. But, schools can change the number of days into the future lessons will sync to as many or as few days as best fits your planning and communication needs. To make changes to this setting, an administrative user can review and update this setting in the Setup area (Admin > Setup) by clicking on the “Lesson Plan Integration with FACTS SIS on the bottom left-hand side.

Contact support if you have any questions about adding the lesson planer, syncing with FACTS SIS, or updating your syncing options. We are happy to assist you further.