Recently, we welcomed our 500th school! This is quite a milestone for us, and we are thankful for each school that has joined us. Curriculum Trak started in response to a need identified by a small private school in Wisconsin, and  we thought that other schools might also benefit from the program. As more and more schools came on board, we continued expanding our program and adding additional features. Schools who experienced mapping success began spreading the word inviting even more schools to join us. Not only is this a milestone in the growth of our company, but we see it as one mark of success for education in general. A variety of schools around the world have found our program and our pricing to be a good fit for their budgets and needs. As more schools use Curriculum Trak to review and improve their academic programs the educational fabric of our world improves and student benefit. Thank you for being part of our growth! We have appreciated joining you in your efforts and enjoy hearing about your success.