Tip 1: Update Your Resources on CT with Google Docs.

I had just returned from Spring Break, in need of fresh ideas for my lesson plans. After a week of feeling like I was used by God (doing mission work) to spread His love and provisions among the poor and not having done any work as a teacher over the break, I felt the need for some change. The very first day back from break, I arrived at school early to get some ideas integrated into my lesson plans saved on Google Drive as a Google Doc. My five classes per day and parent newsletters needed a fresh look. I could see with a Google search some latest ideas as well as on teacherspayteachers.com. I was able to quickly cut and paste fresh ideas, visual examples, website links and YouTube video links onto the Google Document, adding these to my lesson plans in minutes. The great thing is the Google Document synced with Curriculum Trak after I attached them as a Unit Resource. This gave my lesson plans the latest ideas and a fresh new look, updating continually, as daily more technology has been integrated (including easel digital tools on tpt.com). Parent newsletters are sent with the same links by simply cutting and pasting onto a new Google Doc.

Resources: How to Update Linked Content In Google Docs and Slides

Tip 2: Add to Lesson Plans your Assignments on Renweb (or whatever grading system you use).

The sun was setting on another hot night as I stared out our open front door to see why our two dogs were growling so close to our house. Yes, we teachers all bring work home, right? My next tip is how not to work until sunset! On our grading system, Renweb, we can see a box at the bottom of the assignment description that says, “ Publish to Lesson Plans.” Simply click this box to send updated assignments to the lesson plan.
Resource: Lesson Planner – Syncing Individual Classes with RenWeb

Tip 3: Sync Your Grading System to Google Classroom.

My most helpful tip, Renweb sync, sends all the assignments to Google Classroom! We can go to our Google Classroom, and click on an assignment under the Classwork tab to edit. From the editing page, we can add our videos, links and grading rubrics from sites such as Google Docs, Slides, or Youtube. This was the help I needed as an educator to plan ahead and be ready for each class! I clicked on the Google Classroom for the class I was teaching and had students follow along on their chromebooks. Students can then integrate technology into the lessons , create and submit their own Google Docs with research, and I can grade there as well. Then on Renweb I sync with Google Classroom and it brings all the grades onto the gradebook.

After these technology tools are used we teachers can then continually update and the Google Drive automatically saves all our work. Organize these in folders for each class and your job as a teacher is easier each school year! My last tactical move as a teacher using this Sync for all our online curriculum to integrate as we update is to photograph your A+ best examples. We are training future leaders and I believe the best way to raise the bar is to show them an A+ visual example of what to do, and then have them seek to rise above that! We can now use technology and photograph our A+ and A++ examples, send the photos to our Gmail, Save to Google Drive, and then Insert from Drive. That is how to add A+ visual examples on grading rubrics as well as onto our lesson plans and even onto parent newsletters!

These are my best 3 tips for teachers using Curriculum Trak and updating our lesson plans. If you are a teacher, you can make a difference in the lives of your students. Go be inspirational!

Resource: How to put your pic on a google doc with Renee Smith Youtube Video

Renee Cirlincione Smith graduated from high school in New Jersey.  In highschool she started sketching fashions and drawing from magazine models as she developed a love for art. She started college in Monmouth University, New Jersey, next to New York City. As a college freshman she switched her focus in art from fashion merchandising to an Art major as she realized that merchandising involved a lot of technical math. She wanted to focus more on the arts as an art major and theater minor. She transferred to Stetson University as an Art major, double minor of Theater and Education. There she developed her style as an artist and painted late into the nights at her easel in the art studio. While a student at Stetson, Renee’s first paid art job was painting a mural of an ocean sunset in a cafe. A longboard surfboard was payment from an award winning surfer and cafe owner. She used the board in the Surf Club. Renee currently works as an art teacher at Lakeside Christian School in Clearwater, Florida. She has previously taught at Hope International School in Cambodia for six years before moving back to America. Being a teacher since 1990, Renee has taught elementary as well as art and has a passion to educate our future leaders to make a difference with the love of Christ. She says it is an honor to serve the Lord in the body of Christ and daily prays for all believers with Jesus in John 17: 15 & 21. Join her as we unite as the body of Christ praying to glorify our Creator.