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If you’d like to provide professional development for your staff without causing strain on your budget, consider Curriculum Trak’s Professional Development Assistance Program. This program allows us to discount the professional development opportunities offered through Dan Beerens Consulting (for more information on this click here) in exchange for an opportunity to demonstrate the features and benefits of Curriculum Trak to other schools with whom you have contact.

Here is how it works:
  • Invite the administrators, principals, or curriculum directors from qualifying schools* to join you for all or part of your professional development day. If your professional development is directly related to Curriculum Trak, your visitors will get to see Curriculum Trak in action. If it is related to another topic, their staff may benefit from the training as well.
  • Set aside at least one hour within the scheduled professional development for us to present a demo of Curriculum Trak to the visiting schools and answer their specific questions about the program.
In exchange for arranging this opportunity, your school will receive:
  • A $200 discount in the consultant-related expenses for EACH qualifying school* present during the demo portion of your professional development day. This discount cannot exceed the total amount of expenses (including travel expenses) related to hosting Dan Beerens.
  • If you host the visitors from your qualifying schools for lunch, we will reimburse you in the amount of $10 for EACH guest from the visiting schools.
  • If any school signs up to use Curriculum Trak as a result of this event, you will qualify for our typical referral reward ($100 off your annual service fee the following year). See more information about the Referral Reward Program here.

As you can see, this allows us to spread the word about Curriculum Trak while giving you the opportunity to underwrite some or all of the expense of professional development for your staff.

If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity, contact Curriculum Trak customer support at support@dis-solutions.com

*Qualifying schools are schools who would benefit from mapping and are therefore likely to consider signing on with Curriculum Trak as you have.