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Learn about our support and training options, implementation model, professional services, and more.

Support & Training

All schools receive phone & email support for teachers, administrators, parents and students.

First Class Support

Online Support Center Telephone Support Email Support

Fully indexed documentation with keyword search allowing users to find tutorials quickly:

  • 20+ QuickStart guides
  • 100+ video tutorials, ranging from 3 min short tips to 30 min step-by-step guides
  • 350+ tutorials with annotated screenshots and written instructions
  • Free webinars for professional development

Our friendly, knowledgeable support team provides fast phone support.

Requests are handled by a globally distributed support team through a dedicated ticketing system called ZenDesk. All replies are sent within 24 hours of the original request.

    When 24/7/365 across any device with printable PDF exports for every tutorial and guide. 24 hours a day during the work week, starting at Monday 8am HKT (GMT+8) and ending at Friday 6pm PST (GMT-7 / -8 depending on daylight savings). 24 hours a day during the work week, starting at Monday 8am HKT (GMT+8) and ending at Friday 6pm PST (GMT-7 / -8 depending on daylight savings). Dedicated weekend support for urgent queries.
    Where Visit us at help.onatlas.com/curriculumtrak, or click on the Help & Support button within your AtlasNext account. Local Direct Dial Telephone Numbers for each region to save on long-distance charges. Email us at support@curriculumtrak.com or submit a Support Request within AtlasNext directly.


    Satisfaction (last 100 ratings)

    What people say

    “The quality of the support I always receive, this time is no exception, is a fundamental reason we use Atlas. It is always done quickly, correctly, and graciously. Thank you.”
    Leslie Destefano
    St. Johns Country Day School

    "Atlas was able to quickly and effectively resolve our issue”
    Don Campbell
    Chapel School

    Flexible Training Options

    Online Training

    Online session are available. Contact us to book a training with one of our representatives.

    Who can join?
    Training can be 1-1 with admins, or group training with your team team. For sessions with more than three people, we recommend setting up a project and speakers. Our team can call the school early to test that the equipment works smoothly

    What’s required?
    A computer with microphone and good speakers
    An Internet connection

    Who can book training?
    All account administrators can book training. We are happy to do teacher training as well, but request that schools organise this as group training.

    When are training available?
    Contact us and we can schedule something that will work for you between Monday and Friday. We ask for at least 24 hours’ notice when scheduling a training.

    Onsite Training

    AtlasNext offers paid onsite training for schools that prefer to have a person onsite to train your faculty. Depending on the size of the school and training sessions desired, we recommend anywhere from one day to two days of onsite training. Sessions will be customized based on the needs of your school.

    Who can join?
    We recommend scheduling training for both your account administrators and for your teacher team.

    What’s required?
    A presentation screen
    Attendees should have access to computers

    AtlasNext can be flexible and use school laptops or use their own technology.

    Who can book training?
    Any account administrator can book onsite training.

    When are training available?
    Onsite training are available throughout the year. We require a minimum of 2 weeks notice for training.

    Implementation Model

    We offer a 30 day implementation period with a dedicated manager to set up AtlasNext tailored to your school’s timeline, budget, and needs.

    • Dedicated Implementation Specialist who will work with your school every step of the way
    • Configuration of your AtlasNext system with the correct template, service learning, project based modules, etc
    • National and/or State sets of academic Standards
    • Online product training sessions
    • Support in developing or working towards a sustainable curriculum process

    Professional Services

    We provide additional paid services to support your school’s processes

    School Curriculum Import

    Upload your teachers’ pre-written curriculum work to serve as a foundation for getting started in AtlasNext.

    School Standards Import

    Upload your school’s custom curriculum standards into AtlasNext, making them easily accessible to teachers for unit alignment.

    Service Level Agreement

    Our technology operations and support teams deliver world-class service with 99%+ system uptime, 24-hour telephone & email support, and security & data protection compliance.

    We guarantee:

    We offer a range of professional development options from biblical integration to essential questions to long range curriculum direction.

    99.8% system uptime
    A 24-hour max response time for all support requests
    A pledge to protect privacy and safeguard data with daily local backups
    SSL-encryption for all subdomains