Comparing CTNext & Curriculum Trak

FEATURES CurriculumTrak CT Next (CurriculumTrak Next)
Customizable unit planning templates Yes Yes
Standards alignment and access to standards database Yes Yes
Curriculum content analysis Yes Yes
Lesson planning Yes. The Lesson Planner is available for an additional annual fee. Yes, within the Stream and Resources section of the unit planner.
Faith−Learning Integration (FLI) content Yes. Up to 20 optional content areas that can be added with one−time fees. Yes, will be added in the near future.
RenWebƒFACTS integration Yes To be determined.
Sharing network between client schools Yes Will be added in the future
Project−based learning In discussion with TfT about templates and tools. Yes
Learning management system (LMS) No Yes
Parent interaction Public viewing access of maps, units, and lesson plans is possible. Yes. Viewing of student−specific curricular plan, calendar, full communication, and messaging.
Student work turn−in and return to student No Yes, including integration with Turnitin plagiarism checker.
Gradebook No Yes
Behavior management No Yes
Teacher and student calendars No Yes
Student portfolio No Yes. Student, teacher, and parent access is available.
Service learning No Yes
Online lesson presentationƒZoom integration No Yes
Report card generation No Yes. This module is available for an additional annual fee.
Attendance management No Yes. This module is available for an additional annual fee.