Curriculum Trak Blog Submission Guidelines

About the Blog

The Curriculum Trak Blog seeks to bring faith-based education leaders together to create a  supportive and empowering learning community. If you would like to contribute, please keep in mind our target audience, their desires, and their struggles as you write. We look forward to seeing your submission!

Who do we serve?

We exist to serve K-12 educators (learning leaders, principles, heads of schools, association leaders, classroom teachers) in faith-based schools.

What is our audience looking for?

  • Thought leadership on integration of faith and learning
  • Practical ways to incorporate best or emerging pedagogical, leadership, and discipleship practices in education
  • A community/network of educators supporting each other by sharing stories of God’s work within their schools and their classrooms

What are our audience’s struggles?

  • Overcoming limitations in time and other resources
  • Developing and maintaining clarity of purpose for current instructional practices and decisions
  • Exploring and implementing emerging and recommended instructional practices
  • Finding effective ways to impact the community in light of their mission and vision
  • Empowering teachers as instructional designers and disciplemakers

Suggested Blog Topics

  • Best practices on pedagogy, leadership, curriculum/instructional design
  • Stories from within and outside the classroom
  • Philosophical/theological vision for integration of faith and learning
  • Leadership and organizational management
  • Discipleship and transformation within the classroom and on our campuses

Writing an Effective Blog Post

Before Writing

  • Ask yourself: is your piece a narrative, a description, a list, a declaration/argument, or a combination? What do you want to accomplish with this piece? What emotions/actions do you want the audience to experience/take as a result of reading it?
  • Create an outline so that you know what points you want to make; these points should be made explicitly in the article
  • The title should be descriptive and search engine-friendly, meaning it should include keywords / key phrases that indicate what you will be talking about
  • One way to do this is to have a pithy title followed by a more descriptive subtitle (think about how a teacher who isn’t signed up to receive Curriculum Trak’s emails might discover the article on Google)
  • If applicable, including a number in the subtitle is helpful (e.g. “4 Reasons Why…” “6 Practices to…”)
  • Repeat the same keywords / key phrases throughout the article, especially in the first paragraph
  • Use headings to break up the article and help the reader see how the sections of your piece connect, especially if your piece is more than 1000 words
  • Link any resources/books that you mention or cite; links for books should go to the publisher’s or the author’s page if possible
  • Break up longer paragraphs; usually the first sentence of a paragraph should indicate what point you will be making in that paragraph

Submission Guidelines

  • All blog submissions must:
  • Be uploaded as a Microsoft Word document
  • Be between 500 and 1500 words
  • Have the following elements attached:
    • A title, author name, and preferred professional title
    • A professional headshot and a 1-3 paragraph bio in the third person (if contributing for the first time or would like to update your headshot and bio)
    • An excerpt from the article that contains your central argument, a key takeaway, or a question/problem that you answer/solve in the article
    • Optional: a description of / link to the kind of feature photo you would like to accompany your article; note that we may not be able to find one that fits the description perfectly

Any images, graphics, or designs included in your post must meet digital copyright expectations. Non-text elements that were not created by the author must include a proper citation and, in some instances, permission from the creator. Note: Authors are not responsible for finding a header image for your post; the Curriculum Trak team will handle this unless the author requests a particular image.

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The blog author holds the copyright to any published blog. Thus, they can reproduce the blog post on any other website. We merely request that they provide a link and give recognition to the Curriculum Trak Community Blog.

This isn’t just a sale to us – this is supporting what we deeply believe about how students should be educated and helping your school flourish!

We invite you to talk with others to see if what we are saying is true. Check out our interactive Collaboration Map to identify a school near you.

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