Mike Vander Berg

Managing Director

Mike Vander Berg is the co-founder/creator of Curriculum Trak. After teaching math and technology in the local Christian school as well as doing software development for various companies in central Wisconsin, Mike founded Dynamic Internet Solutions (DIS) in 2003 to support churches and schools with their web-based needs. He designed Curriculum Trak in 2007 and began serving three schools the first year. In 2015, Mike and his partner sold off several of the other DIS products with a goal of reinvesting and expanding Curriculum Trak. In 2018, Mike guided the company through an acquisition by the Faria Education Group in order to ensure Curriculum Trak would be well-supported into the future. He remains very active in the daily operations. 

Mike and his wife, Bonnie, have three children and one grandchild. He serves as the founder and president of a community-wide men’s ministry that equips men to bless and bring joy to others in the community. He also serves on his local Christian school board as well as the board of his college alma mater. In his free time, he enjoys traveling, especially with family, spending time at the lake, and serving his neighbors.