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Serving Christian and faith-based schools was our start with Curriculum Trak, and remains one of our largest client bases.

Curriculum Trak is probably the most helpful tool that faith-based schools could purchase to help their teachers connect their mission to the unit level plans of instruction delivered in the classroom.

CT’s unique Faith Learning Integration tool provides key conceptual spiritual understandings that teachers will want to articulate with students. The sharing network option helps teachers and administrators share best practices and learn from each other, removing the isolation sometimes experienced in small schools.

What faith-based schools have to say...


By using Curriculum Trak as our mapping tool, our teachers have been able to evaluate and strengthen our curriculum from grade to grade and standard to standard. Curriculum Trak is also helping us to strengthen our subject-area departments as our teachers collaborate and build a curriculum that will prepare our students for college and beyond.

-- Jennifer Van Hekken  |  Western Michigan Christian Schools, Muskegon, MI

At Woodland Christian High School, we are using Curriculum Trak to generate Ministry course outlines, track and print Ministry expectation, plan units and projects, and track course specific information, such as essential questions, worldview through-lines, assessment strategies and learning goals. We are excited about our ability to print directly from the database, and develop course and unit maps in a collaborative digital environment.

Since Curriculum Trak is a database, and not just a series of "shared documents", we can generate summary reports for any topic area (essential questions, learning goals etc.), generate an overview Map as well as Unit plans for a course, and track our progress in the process! We have received excellent support from the good folks at Curriculum Trak. Mike and his team have been incredibly helpful in getting us set up to use this powerful tool in valuable ways! We recommend Curriculum Trak to any school that is serious about organizing their course/unit/project/lesson planning work in a powerful and useful way.

-- Marjorie Sutherland   |   Woodland Christian High School, Ontario, Canada


Networking for Schools

Our sharing network option is key for faith based schools. Take a look at our current network map!