Amy Nelson

Customer Relations Specialist

Amy Nelson has spent much of her life in Christian education. She grew up in a faith education school and college and then worked in a faith-based school office for 13 years. She deeply understands the daily operations and day-to-day events that both administration and teachers manage. She values the importance of schools functioning correctly as well as the value of providing tools for the faculty to teach more effectively so that they can pour the love of Christ and their hearts into their students. Amy joined Curriculum Trak in 2022.

Amy is married to Ric, who has served in faith-based educational administration for over 25 years. They have four children, two boys and two girls. Two of the children are married. Amy enjoys spending time with her family, whether at sporting events, playing table games, making homemade pretzels, hiking, or camping. She also enjoys daily walks with her 3-year-old Shorkie.