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All Thing Standards - Session 3

Premise 3: Commonly Used Standards Are Worth Exploring

Premise 3 Objectives: 
Discuss the benefits of commonly used standards to your process.
Outline reasons why the standards in common use around you may not support your instructional efforts.

Premise 3 Introduction:
Sometimes state or national standards get a bad wrap. It can be tempting to step away from the standards schools around you are using. In this session, we outline the reasons why those standards, imperfect as they might be, could still be best for you. We also list some guiding principles to consider for avoiding commonly used standards. In the practical application portion of this session, we will explore tools for exploring, reviewing, and comparing sets of commonly used standards. 

Premise 3 Video:

Premise 3: Questions to Ponder and Discuss

  1. Which of the benefits from using commonly used standards seems to resonate most in your context?
  2. Which of the guiding principles for avoiding commonly used standards might be helpful in your context?