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On-Site Biblical Integration Training

On-Site Biblical Integration Training
Biblical integration is a central part of the Christian school’s mission. Curriculum Trak provides a great resource to increase your effectiveness in this area. In addition to the Faith Learning resources and periodic webinars offered over this topic, we also provide on-site training.

On-Site Training Overview
Members of the Curriculum Trak team could come to your school and work directly with your staff for one, two, or three days depending on your specific goals. First, we would work with your administration to plan a series of professional development topics about the nature and practice of biblical integration focusing on both the philosophical and technical nature of this practice. These sessions would be followed by practical, hands-on workshops guiding teachers in planning for and delivering effective, biblically-integrated instruction.

A Unit-Based Approach
Curriculum Trak has worked with educational professionals, consultants, and biblical integration practitioners to develop a practical, unit-based approach to biblical integration that can be practiced by any teacher in any discipline. Whether you are using Christian or secular educational resources/textbooks, this biblical integration approach will help your teachers frame their instruction with biblical content in practical ways. Our goal is to provide training and support so that biblical integration can become part of your teacher’s instruction as soon as their next class period.

Biblical Integration Topics:
Before our on-site training dates, we will meet with your school leadership to determine which of the following topics may best fit your school’s needs and provide you with a preview of our approach so you can ensure that it fits with your approach. The topics we offer include:

  • Why Christian schools and teachers should practice biblical integration
  • How biblical integration can add relevance to your instruction
  • The practical nature of unit-based biblical integration
  • Identifying and planning for biblical content that can meet the needs of all students
  • How Curriculum Trak can support biblical integration planning and implementation
  • Content-Based Workshops: working with teachers to create fully-formed biblical integration content in their instruction
    • Mathematics
    • English Language Arts
    • Social Studies
    • Science
    • Health/Physical Education
    • World Languages
    • Fine Arts
    • Electives

You can arrange for our biblical integration trainer to visit your school for a daily rate plus travel expenses. The daily rate(s) are as follows:

  • 1 Day - $800
  • 2 Successive Days - $1400
  • 3 Successive Days - $2000

*Any partial day is considered a full day for planning and travel purposes and charged accordingly.

Professional Development Assistance Program
If you would like to explore the options Curriculum Trak offers for reducing the costs of this training, please check out our assistance program or contact for more details.

Next Steps:
If you are interested in scheduling this on-site training, or if you would like to explore the specific topics available, please contact We will schedule a webinar between your school leadership and our biblical integration specialist to identify your needs and schedule this training.