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Our free Accommodations and Strategies feature allows Curriculum Trak users to identify practical tools to assist students who struggle with academics. With suggested strategies across a variety of academic areas, this tool from All Belong prompts thinking about diverse learning needs as you plan for units and standards. Every Curriculum Trak package includes accommodations and strategies for the areas listed below.

Current Areas:
  • Spelling
  • Writing
  • Phonological awareness
  • Phonics
  • Reading
  • Vocabulary
  • Math

Each academic area includes more than thirty ideas for the student, their teacher/parent, and the classroom environment.  Sample strategies for math may include:

Math strategy for self: Before starting worksheet, highlight the operational signs

Math strategy for others (teachers/parents): Provide checklists for the student to self-monitor work before turning it in

Math strategy for environment (structure, time, space, and assignments): Use folded paper math (students work the problem on one half and write the steps of the problem across from it on the other half)

Accommodations & Strategies is a free resource within Curriculum Trak.

About All Belong

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Our Accommodations & Strategies feature gives you the flexibility to customize the strategies that work for your students. If you are unsure how to support a student with learning, cognitive, and/or socio-emotional needs, contact All Belong to discuss how they can partner with your school.

As experts in inclusive education for more than twenty-five years, All Belong comes alongside schools and churches to help them support persons at all levels of ability and disability through educational evaluations, professional development and training, and consulting partnerships.

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