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Client Testimonials

What our schools have to say...

Curriculum Trak is an incredibly flexible and customizable curriculum resource.  Curriculum Trak’s flexibility allows me to meet my school client’s unique and customized needs.  Its’  affordability allows my clients to access curriculum resources that typically have been cost effective for only larger districts. Our appreciation of the product is exceeded only by our appreciation of the support provided by Curriculum Trak’s staff.  The staff answer questions and requests promptly, listen attentively to our needs, and always go above and beyond to ensure that we receive the most effective support possible.
--- Tamara Thompson, CEO and Founder  |  Mockingbird Education, Frisco, TX

I used Curriculum Trak to map our curriculum three years ago. We still use those maps and have refined them each year. Curriculum Trak is a great way to get started with writing a curriculum.
---  David Velky, Superintendent/PEIMS Coordinator   |   Rocksprings Independent School District, Rocksprings, TX

Our District has found Curriculum Trak to be the best answer for creating curriculum maps and lesson plans that we can constantly evaluate. It has become a necessary part of our academic success. With the high accountability placed on schools there is a need for a product like Curriculum Trak. It allows us to perform constant revision of gaps and overlaps to ensure we are meeting the needs of our students from Kindergarten through 12th grade.
--- Chip Kay, Superintendent  |  Shelby-Rising City Schools, Shelby, NE

CurriculumTrak has provided us with the organizational tools to plan and document the scope and sequence of our curriculum to ensure consistency and quality of our academic program for years to come. As an international school, we also love the customizable templates tailored to fit our specific curriculum objectives. The intuitive interface and customer support make getting faculty trained and using the platform a breeze!
--- Joseph Strzempka   |   Yucai High School International Division, China

Dalat is one of your new Curriculum Track software users and we have been blessed to have an affordable product that works incredibly well.  In the last 6 months we have made more progress mapping our curriculum than we did in my previous 10 years, and that was not for a lack of effort. We are huge fans and have shared our success with many similar schools in our sphere of influence telling them how much this has revolutionized our curriculum progress.  All this to say…”thank you” for a great product and for supporting the mission of Christian schooling.
--- Brian Brewster   |   Dalat International School, Malaysia

We are a very satisfied Curriculum Trak customer. We use both the curriculum mapping component and the lesson planner add-on, and are pleased with both. I really like the use of the program for several reasons. (1) It helps our teachers easily connect what they are teaching to standards (both state and our own). (2) Its ease of use doesn't create an excessive burden on teachers when mapping our curriculum. Our teachers find CT easy to use. (3) It helps our curriculum maps be living--they are constantly being updated as we go, not waiting for an accreditation visit to fix everything. (4) One other thing that I really like about CT is that they are VERY responsive to our needs. We highly recommend Curriculum Trak. It was the best mapping software for the money. It is also the only mapping software I am aware of that takes our unique mission as a Christian school into account and using CT has helped us to get stronger as a Christian school.
--- Dean Ridder, Head of School  |  Isaac Newton Christian Academy, Cedar Rapids, IA

As a Christian School we were looking for a product that our teachers could use to map our curriculum but that would also fit into our limited budget. Curriculum Trak has done just that and more. The product far exceeds the cost. The teachers are able to easily navigate the site, entering data and creating maps and units that are then accessible to the entire staff. Using this product also makes editing and revising a breeze. If questions arise, the tech support team is ready and willing to help and send a quick response.  Thank you Curriculum Trak!
--- Kathy Stutzman, Curriculum Director  |  Cornerstone Christian School, Harrisonburg, VA

We have appreciated the affordability of Curriculum Trak, which has become an extremely usable database for our teachers and administrators to capture and align curriculum and teacher resources.
--- Brian Wall, Superintendent, Faith Christian Academy, Arvada, CO

Our transition to Curriculum Trak was smooth and successful. The expertise of the support team was invaluable every step of the way. In terms of software, we have been pleased with its full set of features and flexibility. I would recommend exploring Curriculum Trak for all your mapping needs.
--- Matthew Bauman, Director of Curriculum  |  Grand Traverse Area Catholic Schools, Traverse City, MI

Our school is preparing for a re-accreditation visit and our teachers are working diligently to document our curriculum and lesson objectives through Curriculum Trak. I wanted to let you know that they LOVE this new program and have really benefited from the connections/views that they can make with other schools. I am hearing lots of positive comments. Thank you for creating a product so practical and useful! Our old system of curriculum mapping and documentation was very limiting, and most teachers found that they did not use it because it was too hard to update. With Curriculum Trak, they can pull it up daily and use the links to connect to internet resources without having to repeat a search.
--- Karen Hange, Curriculum Coordinator  |  Hinkson Christian Academy, Moscow, Russia

Curriculum Trak has been a very large focus for our school in helping achieve both our vertical and horizontal alignment goals.  We’ve not achieved perfection by any means and each map is still a work in progress, but CT has helped us identify our gaps and overlaps and gain a greater sense of “team” as we work toward our common goals. Teachers love being able to easily find out what units and standards other grades are teaching. With CT, our faculty now sees each map as a part of the bigger path for students.  It’s also been very valuable to our new teachers who come in and need to know what the students learned last year and the former teacher’s yearly plan.  As Director of Curriculum and Accreditation, I can now easily look to see what units, standards, resources, curriculum and supplemental materials are being used in each course. (This was a wonderful benefit as we prepared for our external review visit for accreditation last year!) 
--- Jennifer Wilson, Director of Curriculum and Accreditation  |  Lincoln Christian School, Tulsa, OK

I know many of the team members on our re-accreditation visiting team were very impressed with Curriculum Trak. I can't speak more highly about it and how wonderful it's been for our school!
--- Julia Taylor, Asst. Principal  |  GRACE Christian School, Raleigh, NC

By using Curriculum Trak as our mapping tool, our teachers have been able to evaluate and strengthen our curriculum from grade to grade and standard to standard. Curriculum Trak is also helping us to strengthen our subject-area departments as our teachers collaborate and build a curriculum that will prepare our students for college and beyond.
--- Jennifer Van Hekken  |  Western Michigan Christian Schools, Muskegon, MI

At Woodland Christian High School, we are using Curriculum Trak to generate Ministry course outlines, track and print Ministry expectation, plan units and projects, and track course specific information, such as essential questions, worldview through-lines, assessment strategies and learning goals. We are excited about our ability to print directly from the database, and develop course and unit maps in a collaborative digital environment. Since Curriculum Trak is a database, and not just a series of "shared documents", we can generate summary reports for any topic area (essential questions, learning goals etc.), generate an overview Map as well as Unit plans for a course, and track our progress in the process! We have received excellent support from the good folks at Curriculum Trak. Mike and his team have been incredibly helpful in getting us set up to use this powerful tool in valuable ways! We recommend Curriculum Trak to any school that is serious about organizing their course/unit/project/lesson planning work in a powerful and useful way.
--- Marjorie Sutherland   |   Woodland Christian High School, Ontario, Canada

Curriculum Trak is a multidisciplinary tool that allows teacher to effortlessly develop standards based curriculum maps, unit designs, and lesson plans.  Curriculum Trak’s platform accommodates vertical and horizontal sharing, essential for scaffolding and alignment of content and standards.  From an administrator lens, the versatility and convenience of having all curriculum maps and lesson plans in one essential place makes observations and feedback a breeze.
--- Dr. Kristie Sweeney, Head of School   |   SENSE Charter School, Indianapolis, IN