The People Behind Curriculum Trak

Most of us on the Curriculum Trak team grew up in Christian education, taught and/or were administrators in Christian schools. We are passionate about helping faith-based schools meet their missions and thrive!

Our Core Principles

We understand the joys of connecting our faith and our vocation and at the same time understand the limitations that faith-based schools operate under.

We want to help you flourish – so we may take a little longer discussing philosophy or curricular design in a demo, and go the extra mile or two in support or working with your needs with billing and pricing.

We have worked with Christian publishers so that mapping can be an easier process for your staff that may be wearing many hats already.

We help to equip and educate your staff with our certification process – we want CT to be a valuable and well used program at your school.

We offer a range of professional development options from biblical integration to essential questions to long range curriculum direction.

This isn’t just a sale to us – this is supporting what we deeply believe about how students should be educated and helping your school flourish!

We invite you to talk with others to see if what we are saying is true. Check out our interactive Collaboration Map to identify a school near you.

Client Map